Being brought up in quite traditional art academy (Vilnius Academy of Art), I had a great chance to study in depth classical techniques of graphic art – etching, linocut, woodcut, lithography which seemed quite old fashioned in those days with the presence of digital era sunrise, computers evolving. Video art was something new. Nevertheless that mixture of old and new was truly inspiring. One of my projects back in 1997 was video installation in the street, on the huge wall showing hand drawn animated figures falling and falling - to catch an eye of passersby without any other intention just art, to make world more beautiful. I have participated in many public art projects and all of them involved my hand drawings, no matter how big or where they have been placed - including advertising on lampposts or huge digital prints combining line drawing with photo images.

Eglė Gelažiūtė-Petrauskienė, professional contemporary artist and illustrator.

Member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association since 2003

Member of Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists Association

2015 member AOI and a-n.

All pictures in this website are mine  and can not be copied or used without artist permision.


Personal exhibitions:
2018 'Never look back or you will turn into a stone'. KĖDAINIAI, Multicultural Centre

2017 'Never look back or you will turn into a stone',  VILNIUS, Beatričė Grincevičiūtė House Museum

2017 'Never look back or you will turn into a stone',  KAUNAS, Town museum, folk music branch hall

2016 ‘Autumn stories’ Ancient High house, Stafford

2015 ‘Shugborough Ghosts’ Ancient High house, Stafford                                                         

2014 Lithuanian artist association exhibition hall gallery Vilnius –
‘Drawings from far away’, monotype
2014 ‘The Mews cafe’, Stafford – monotypes
2004 Gallery “Kairė-Dešinė”, Vilnius – “Ten”, installation, monotypes
2003 Gallery “Vartai”, Vilnius – “Summer Pictures”, drawings
1998 Gallery “Akademija”, Vilnius – “Love in Shanghai but Vilnius”, digital graphic
1996 Gallery “Archyvo’’, Kaunas – “19 Wishes”, etchings
1995 Gallery “Akademija”, Vilnius – “19 Wishes”, etchings

Selected group exhibitions:
2017 ‘Sounds of the City’, Transport museum, London, illustration

2016 ‘Shakespeare Now’, Liverpool central library, artist book exhibition                 

2016 ’Shadows’  Lichfield UK, Lichfield festival, emporium gallery, monotype              

2015 COW, Kiev, Ukraine, illustration festival                                                                                                          

2015 BIB Bratislava international illustration exhibition                                                                                                                                                     

2015 TARPEY gallery, Midlands open, monotypes                                                                                                                            

2015 Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, SA
2014 Staffordshire OPEN ART, Shire Hall gallery; monotype (Third prize)
2014 ‘Light of another days’ Lichfield, UK
2014 Picture Book Quadrennial, RIGA; illustrations for ‘Egle, queen of serpents’
2014 Le Centre André François, PARIS; illustrations
Lithuania & Stasys L’Homme Cent têtes
2013 ‘Sinhronija’, traveling contemporary lithuanian art collection, Netherlands
2012 Book Art exhibition, ARKA, Vilnius, illustrations
2012 Birmingham, Mailbox, Papergirl project 2011, linocut
2011 Bologna, Children book fair, Lithuanian selected exhibition, illustrations
2006 Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, LT – united exhibition
2005 Bratislava, Slovakia, SL – 20’th biennale of illustrations
2003 Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius – Lithuanian Graphics’03, prints
2003 Pincard Gallery, Bunting Centre, U.S. – “Notebook”
2001 Gallery “Vartai”, Vilnius LT – “Floor, Wall, And Ceiling” , monotypes
2001 Public space art project on advertisement stands in city, Vilnius LT, digital prints
2001 Bratislava, Slovakia – 18th biennale of illustrations
2000 Gallery “Arka”, Vilnius – 7th Exhibition of the book art, illustrations
1999 Artists’ Apartments in Vilnius – project of contemporary art “Apartment 99”
1999 Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius – Laboratory “Sound and Image”, slide installation “Some kind of morning uneasiness”
1997 Vilnius – video installation in the festival Musica Ficta
1996 Former Yugoslavia – 4th miniatures exhibition, etchings
1995 Gallery “Vartai”, Vilnius – video installation in ArtGenda’96

2014 Staffordshire OPEN ART, Shire Hall gallery; monotype (Third prize)
2005 Diploma for the illustrations to S. Geda book for children “Pelytė Sidabrytė” (Little Silver Mouse), Baltos lankos, Competition “The Most Beautiful Books of 2004”
2001 Diploma for the book “Maldos iš Nojaus arkos” (Prayers from Noah’s Ark), Vilnius Art Academy prize, Competition “The Most Beautiful Books of 2000”
2000 Most Artistic Illustrations Award for the book B.Kemuon’s “Melų diena” (Day of Lies), International Association of Children’s Books in Lithuania

Eglė Gelažiūtė-Petrauskienė

© Egle Gelaziute-Petrauskiene

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